Heiko Müller – ‘Unterholz’

Heiko Müller - Unterholz

September 24 – October 28 | 2021
Thursday, Friday & Sunday 3-7 pm and by appointment

No hidden object games and yet a swarm of strange creatures can be found in the exhibition Unterholz by the Hamburg artist Heiko Müller.

Domestic animals, wild animals, wood creatures and creatures behind wooden masks populate his mostly small-format works, implemented on paper with oil paints, colored pencils and pencils. His B/W works seem like homages to classic horror films from Hammer Studios. But this is only one facet of his influences, because his love for comics and early illustrations also gives his works a very special signature, always a bit psychedelic, but always with a wink.

Something that Heiko Müller’s creations have in common is the moment of surprise and the almost forced deeper exploration, because hardly any of his works can be fully explored at first glance, there are always more details to discover.

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