Ciou & Malojo – Duo Show

Vernissage March 14th 2024 – starting at 6 pm

CIOU The painter and illustrator Ciou was born in Toulouse. She is now living and working in the south west of France near the Atlantic ocean. Nature, the female figure, metamorphoses, paganism and magic are the primary subjects of her work. In her style European, American, Mexican and Japanese culture intertwine to form a unique hybridation of her own making.

She is working with different materials such as acrylic, watercolor, ink on paper or wood. Since her art is all in the small details she is
 working with a 0,1 mm Rotring pen—the smallest one available—and a magnifying glass. Ciou has made a name for herself in the world of pop surrealism and neo-pop. It was thanks to the “Cute and Scary” exhibition organized by the Flux Factory gallery in New York in 2004 that Ciou acquired international visibility, which then allowed her to show her work in Europe, Asia, the United States and Australia. In 2017 she had her first solo exhibition in Japan at the Vanilla gallery in Tokyo and continues to exhibit all over the world. In collaboration with Kochxbos gallery in Amsterdam, Ciou is also curator of the “Popland” group exhibitions for the fourth consecutive year.

MALOJO The self-taught artist Malojo was born in Bayonne (Basque Country), he lives and works in Saint Vincent de Tyrosse (Landes). Malojo is working with acrylic, oil and Gouache on wood to create his art. His work is best known in the USA thanks to numerous exhibitions and conventions (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Philadelphia, New Mexico) but also in Mexico and Europe (Basque Country, Netherlands, Belgium, Scotland, England and France)

“My first connection to art was in churches and comic books; I retained a great passion for classic art forms as much as for pop culture. The characters present in my works are for me the deities of a pantheon, lost or to come: forgotten gods or child-gods, divinities of little things in the manner of the Roman Lares or the Japanese Kami. I try to make something “syncretic” through figurative art, using all cultural references i can.”

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